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What’s your favourite – White, Milk, Dark or PINK? We’re Talking Chocolate!


We’re talking chocolate. Ruby chocolate

What’s your favourite – White, Milk, Dark or PINK? We’re Talking Chocolate!

So ….. If I asked you what your favourite type of chocolate was what would you say?

Dark, rich and possibly bitter? Perhaps milk chocolate, after all, John Cadbury made sure that most of us grew up with a full “glass and a half” in each creamy milk slab. Or there’s white ( the Belgians would argue it’s not really chocolate ) a sweet blend of cocoa butter and milk fat rather than cocoa solids but still the staple diet of the milky bar kid back in the 60’s and 70’s.

11% of you would answer ANY of the above but generally its a 30%,50%,20% split going on recent consumption trends so where will a fourth chocolate fit into the equation?

Have you heard of Pink Chocolate? I’m not talking about white coloured chocolate, but an actual chocolate bean currently called RUBY and is said to be all natural, with no added colours or flavours, just a berry-like taste to it. Its early days for us here in the UK  but it has been used in Japanese pink Kit Kats already.


This got me thinking.

If this bean exists could there be more varieties we’ve yet to discover? Could Willy Wonka’s dreams finally be realised without too much factory intervention? Could you imagine if there is a blue cocoa bean out there? Finally, a natural blue consumable product that wouldn’t trigger hyperactivity! And what would it taste like? Blueberries, raspberries? bubble gum  (we can but wish)? Oh, the possibilities – but at the moment I’m excited about the introduction of this 4th variety of chocolate, a bit like the introduction of Channel 4 after so many years of just three choices. I’m sure it would be a real favourite for weddings, birthdays and just to say “I Love You”. I hope the hype is all true and that we will see Ruby chocolate available in the mainstream market. I think I’ll eat mine with some delicious mermaids milk 🙂

So I ask you again – what is your favourite chocolate? Would your answer still be the same?