Hello World! and Welcome.

Hello world.

Hello, world!

Hello World! and Welcome.

Hello World! and Welcome to the Rock Pop Candy Blog spot. This is a first for me so I hope to make it a fun and interesting place to visit. First things first ….you like chocolate right? Well, I’m a huge fan. I grew up in a house surrounded by it but never had the passion to make with it myself. Instead, my travels to source original traditional candy, have led me to many creative chocolatiers and as we open this new website I look around at over 30 types from all over the world. Some of my favourites include custard cream, lavender, maple bacon pancake and avocado. There’s a certain comfort to be taken from letting the flavours from a well-made bar melt on your tongue. I could give up most things but never chocolate! Hershey’s recently went the extra mile and created a peanut and pretzel creation –  not bad at all.

Anyway, I’ll be updating weekly with new input about how I like to tease my tastebuds and the wonderful flavours I’ve found. Remember our taste buds only live for 10 days so treat them to something wonderful every week!