Image of the Atomic logo for article so where to next?

So where to next?

So where to next?

So last weekend was Todd In The Hole, and what a great weekend that was! For a new festival, it had everything – music (Abba Lush, Counterfeit Stone, SJ & The Flying Pigs), food, entertainment (Camel Racing and Classic Cars!) and of course Rock Pop Candy! The ‘Elvis Off’ was great fun, and well done to the winner who won tickets to Las Vegas! So where to next?


This weekend – well we’re off to Atomic!


Top-Quality International Bands & DJs  *  Huge Vintage & Retro Market
Pre-’66 Classic & Custom Car Show  *  Traditional Flag-Start Drag Racing
Large Covered Dance Floors  *  Jive Classes and UK Jive Contest Finals
Rock’n’Roller Rink  *  Crazy Golf  *  Fairground Rides  *  Vintage Cinema
Classic Car Rides  *  The Cavalcade of Chrome
Detonators Car Club Rolling Rod & Custom Show
Family Friendly ‘Danger Show’  *  Late-Nite ‘Danger Show’ & Burlesque
Wall of Death  *  Old-Style Soapbox Derby  *  And Lots More…


You really don’t want to miss this so what are you waiting for! Details about tickets can be found here.

Image of the RAF 100 logo from upcoming events for rock pop candy

Upcoming events for Rock Pop Candy

Upcoming events for Rock Pop Candy.

So what are the Upcoming events for Rock Pop Candy?

Well, what a weekend we’ve just had at Camper Jam 2018! – super hot, busy, and then there’s the footy result! Well done Mr Southgate et al!

This weekend we are off to RAF Fairford for RIAT 2018, 3 full days of Planes, Air displays, entertainment, shopping and so much more! Take a look at their website here for more information.


The Air Tattoo returns this summer from 13-15 July 2018 at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire to commemorate, celebrate and inspire with RAF100, the international Centenary celebrations of the Royal Air Force!